About Ariel Amir

Hey there, Ariel here! I am just your average mashed potato lovin' adventure seeking photographer. I specialize in branding and couples sessions. And as cheesy as it may sound I am most definitely a hopeless romantic! How do you want to share your brand or your love story with the world?


So, now that you know a little bit more about me! Tell me about your love story lets share it with the world! Did you and your significant other meet at a pizza shop? Lets make it a part of your session! 

Tell me about your brand and how you want your amazing clients to see you! Let's get creative and tell a story that speaks to your brand image!


Ariel Amir



1. I am a major foodie (not a secret lol but most definitely a fact)!

2. Photography has been my passion since I was 11

3. I love to adventure! So, if you want to have your session in the mountains I am down to take a hike! If you want to just be adventurous on one of our local beaches, we can do that too!